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I'm Julia

San Diego, California

5SOS, One Direction, Sherlock, Supernatural



I wish college was 5 easy payments of $19.99

that’s still too much

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I want to see something, Reblog if you’re older than 13 and younger than 25.

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"   I’m not sentimental.   "
Crowley, who just moments ago was having flashbacks to all the good times he had with Dean (via mooseleys)

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*unconsciously touches own boobs in public* *remembers im not suppose to do that*

I think you mean subconsciously

no. catch me at your local walmart asleep in the Ball Cage gripping onto my titties for dear life

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life hack: always like someone’s selfie. it takes a lot of courage to post a picture of yourself. always be kind. reply nice things.

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